Susanna’s charming home

On a crisp and refreshing winter afternoon, Susanna, Iiro and little Liv welcomed us into their family’s charming home in Laajasalo, Helsinki.

The row house they live in is a product of 1977 – it stands as a nostalgic sentinel, enveloping visitors in a warm embrace of memories. Their home is a delightful journey through time, blending classic elements and materials with a touch of modernity. The family, originally hailing from another island in Helsinki, made the move to this scenic neighbourhood, creating a haven amidst the surroundng nature.

As the early afternoon sun gracefully bathes the interiors, a dreamy ambiance permeates the space. Susanna’s home is undoubtedly a cozy nest, and our soft wool rug, LINE 01, seems tailor-made for this captivating environment. The rug not only adds to the aesthetic charm but also creates a soft and secure spot for their daughter. Upon its arrival, the little one instantly took the rug as her own playground by rolling on it as soon as it had been unfolded.

What made you choose this rug for your home?

I chose this rug from Woven Works for our living room, because it is really beautiful in its simplicity, and the designers of the rug were already familiar to me. I’ve been looking for a subtle fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics  for our home and this rug from Woven Works reminded me of tatami in a certain way – it felt like mine right away. In addition, it was important for me to have a big and soft rug in our living room, because we spend a lot of time on the floor with our daughter. This rug is really soft and safe to play on.

How do you take care of the rug?

We have been spared from bigger “disasters”, so at least for now just vacuuming the rug has been enough.

However, I’m not afraid of light-colored textiles – our white sofa has gotten its fair share of all kinds of spills over the years, but natural materials are kind and ultimately very easy to take care of.

Susanna, who works with marketing for the esteemed Finnish furniture brand Hakola, brings her professional eye for design into the heart of her home. This blend of familial warmth and aesthetic sophistication makes Susanna’s home a truly charming place.

How do you choose furniture to your home?

In furniture, I prefer minimalistic but interesting lines. I like to invest in design classics as well. Our home is a combination of new and old – a large part of our furniture is bought used. The warm tones of wood are close to my heart and there is a lot of wood in our home. I especially love patinated wood in which the signs of life are visible.

As for shades, I like different shades of brown and white as well as certain shades of red, orange and blue. Black and white stripes are always pleasing to the eye too.

I also want to invest in handicrafts and art. I especially like to buy works of local craftsmen to our home.

What inspires you?

The architecture of the 70s and wabi sabi aesthetics inspire me a lot.

I want to keep the larger lines clear, but I think it’s the details that make the home. For me, inspiration often arises from the fact that not everything is tip-top, but rather a bit here and there. A certain everyday carelessness, or at least the illusion of it, is really interesting: sprawling stacks of books, kitchen countertops, breakfast tables, sometimes even a child’s mess of toys are beautiful in my opinion.

In general, I am most inspired by artists homes as well as places designed by Alvar Aalto.

What led you to Woven Works and LINE 01?

I got to know Woven Works through this LINE 01 rug of ours. Originally, I came across the rug when seeing it on its designers’ Instagram accounts and fell in love with it right away. For me, visual appeal holds tremendous significance, and I must say that, in addition to the rug’s own appearance, I was impressed by the stunning pictures taken of the rug.

Photos: Roosa Rauatmaa Text: Wendy Turner