Rug samples


Introducing the perfect solution for all your interior design dilemmas – our small sample pieces!

Tired of committing to a full-size rug only to find out it clashes with your interior style? Our miniature masterpieces allow you to experiment with different patterns, textures, and colors without breaking the bank or your style.

Each sample is made with exactly the same materials, finishing and colors as the full-sized rugs. We've tried to cut out the essential part of the rug, giving you the best overview of what it would feel like in your home.

Sample piece size is roughly 25x25cm for the Huomenna and Patchwork collections. Sample piece size for ARC is around 20x25cm.

It is a sample piece, but of course you can use it to test e.g. a detergent before an accident happens for the full-sized rug. Clever, right?