Conquering tapestry with Anna Pirkola

We’ve ventured into the world of tapestry, bringing our signature blend of artistry and quality to a new form of textile expression.

Tapestry, especially with a shaggy wool pile, has a special place in Nordic homes. Allegedly, the history dates back to Vikings. Throughout the years, these wall-hanging textiles were used as bed covers as well as ceremonial cloths in weddings. They were popular until the 70s but in the following decades disappeared almost completely. Now we’re ready to bring them back to homes.

Together with Anna, we have created Woven Works’ first tapestry collection, which was inspired by the Patchwork collection. Patchwork Tapestry is made of the same natural materials and repeats the familiar color palette, but brings out its personality with a design language reminiscent of a wind nest.

Anna Pirkola is a multidisciplinary designer, art director and co-founder of Studio Plenty and Our Edition. She’s also a part of the Studio Bom collective.

Hi Anna, what inspires you at the moment and how did you get the idea for this collection?

Ohh, this is always a difficult one. Right now I would say hope, music, friends and family. And those rare moments between some daily tasks or work when you find yourself completely in your thoughts without interruption. I can’t really meditate, but I love to spend a moment in my bed in the mornings and let my imagination run wild for a few minutes. It clears my mind and makes room for inspiration, wherever it comes from.

The colors and and the squarish shapes comes from the Patchwork carpet collection, but I wanted to play with the hights of the piles and give space for the long woollen yarn to move and create its own form. The tapestrys lie somewhere between design and art, and even though they are weaved with the same pattern, every one of them is unique. I love the fact that you can see the artisans handprint in every piece.

Which values are important to you as a designer?

Sustainability, meaningfulness, quality and joy.

The Patchwork Tapestry collection is available in our webstore and at Finnish Design Shop.