29th February: launching our first tapestry collection

We are thrilled to unveil the Patchwork Tapestry collection, a stunning series of wall hanging woollen masterpieces designed by the talented Anna Pirkola.

Previously, Anna and her colleagues at Studio Plenty have designed our hand-knotted wool rug collection called Patchwork. These Tapestry versions are like the delightfully eccentric sisters of those rugs. It’s as if the lines and patches have decided to dance off the floor and onto the walls in a truly funky fashion.

Comprising five pieces, each measuring 57x80cm, this collection is a testament to creativity unbounded. Every rug in the Patchwork series finds its alter ego in the form of a captivating wall-hanging masterpiece.

The collection will be launched at Studio Bom, located at Suvilahdenkatu 7, Helsinki. We will be providing snacks and drinks to keep you cozy on a chilly winter day. This is also a perfect opportunity to explore the marvelous Studio Bom if you haven’t had the chance to do so yet!

We are thrilled to extend a special invitation to you as our honored guest for the launch event.

To ensure that we create the most remarkable experience for our guests, we kindly request that you sign up using the form provided below. Your participation will contribute to the seamless planning and execution of this exceptional event.

What? Launch of the Patchwork Tapestry collection
Where? Studio Bom, Suvilahdenkatu 7
When? Thursday, February 29th 14-18
Our team, Anna and selected guests

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