LINE 03 is the fiery, bold sibling in our rug family—a sizzling red twist on our classic design. It marries the lush, natural white shaggy pile with deep red lines that don’t just make a statement; they stage a full-blown drama of passion underfoot. It’s like walking on a passionate love story, one step at a time, without the need for a script.

You can preorder LINE 03 now, first deliveries will take place within 3 months!

LINE 03 is hand-knotted in India using the finest New Zealand wool. Warp of the rug is recycled cotton.

LINE 03 is available in three sizes, 170x240cm, 200x300cm and 250x350cm.

The rug has 3cm pile height.

Much like snowflakes, our hand-knotted rugs are one-of-a-kind masterpieces. There may be slight variations in rug size and pile height. Also color hues may vary slightly between production batches.

Wool is naturally water-repellent, making the rug good at resisting stains. We recommend vacuuming and ventilation as the primary care methods. In the event of stubborn stains, we advise seeking professional cleaning services for your rug.

It is important to note that shedding of wool fibers is a natural characteristic of wool shaggy rugs. Therefore, regular vacuuming is essential to maintain a tidy living environment.