Silmu grey

Silmu, a bud, is first sight of life in spring. Like buds opening in the spring, Silmu rug opens to bring life to your home. Silmu has a classic pattern that respects eastern weaving tradition, yet it looks modern and minimalistic at the same time.

Silmu is available at Asko.

Sarka is made of jute and recycled Indian wool. The warp of the rug is made of recycled cotton.
Sarka is available in two sizes, 160x230cm and 200x300cm
Wool is naturally water-repellent, making Sarka good at resisting stains. We recommend vacuuming and ventilation as the primary care methods. In case of severe stains, we recommend taking the rug to a professional cleaner. It's recommended not to wave the rug holding the edge. Jute and wool may shed some fibers, especially in the first months, but it is completely natural for these fibers.