Sarka brown


Sarka takes one back to the robust fabrics of yesteryears and the sprawling fields of agricultural tales. Much like the sun-kissed fields of August, Sarka rug exudes warmth through its harmonious blend of earthy hues and crisp lines. This rug is more than a floor covering; it’s a woven saga of timelessness. It effortlessly dances between modern minimalism and the enduring charm of classic patterns and colors, offering you a choice between the warm embrace of brown and the subtle sophistication of beige.

Sarka is made of jute and recycled Indian wool. The warp of the rug is made of recycled cotton.

Sarka is available in three sizes 140x200cm, 160x230cm and 200x290cm

Wool is naturally water-repellent, making Sarka good at resisting stains. We recommend vacuuming and ventilation as the primary care methods. In case of severe stains, we recommend taking the rug to a professional cleaner.

It's recommended not to wave the rug holding the edge. Jute and wool may shed some fibers, especially in the first months, but it is completely natural for these fibers.